Popular Signs

One of our most popular election signs is the corrugated plastic sign. Durable and affordable, these custom election signs are made to last and grab the attention of everyone that passes by!

Perfect for those looking to get their name out without spending a lot of money, our fold-over signs are bright and low priced. Available in big volumes at a small price, these signs make it possible to advertise almost anywhere!

All Weather Election Signs

Our all weather custom election signs are perfect for any campaign. Durable and long lasting, these election signs will last through your campaign showing your name off to everyone around.

Screen-printed on 24-point (6-ply) weather-resistant poster board. Choose any of our standard colors. If a fluorescent color is wanted, we recommend a darker non-fluorescent second color for contrast. Fluorescent colors will fade when exposed to sunlight. If using a photograph, Ultra Blue or Black printing is recommended.

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